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Chromebook Troubleshooting Guide

Chromebook Troubleshooting Guide

 Chromebook Shortcuts


PUESD Chromebook Popular Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcuts for Troubleshooting Screen Display Issues

Screen Resolution
Works on Login Screen and while logged in.

[CTRL] [SHIFT] and [+] / [-] 

+ Makes fonts and images bigger
- Makes fonts and images smaller

[CTRL] [SHIFT] and [0]

Resets resolution to default

Solves Issue: Reset the resolution to solve MAP testing browser incompatibility issue or if things do not seem visually correct.

Only works while logged in.

[CTRL] and [+] / [-] 

Makes fonts and images bigger or smaller on web pages only

[CTRL] [SHIFT] and [0]

Resets Zoom to default (100%)

Solves Issue: When browsing and you need image or text to be bigger or smaller. Sometimes this will not allow you to click certain buttons on webpages and you will need to reset the zoom back to default (100%)

Screen Rotation

Works on Login Screen and while logged in.


Chromebook Refresh Command Image

Rotates screen 90 degrees each time you press it.

Solves Issue: When the screen is upside down or sideways.

Screen Magnifier

Works on Login Screen and while logged in.

[CTRL] [ALT] and [Brightness Up] / [Brightness Down]

Zooms the magnifier in and out.

Solves Issue: When there is just a portion of the screen that has been magnified.

Top Shortcuts for Students and Teachers

Show All Shortcuts On Screen

[CTRL] [ALT] and [?] 


[ALT] and [Backspace]

Caps Lock

[ALT] and [Search]

(Search Looks like a Magnifying Glass Icon on the left side of the keyboard above the SHIFT Key)


[CTRL] and [Switcher]
(Switcher Key is on the top row and has a square with two vertical lines)

[CTRL] [SHIFT] and [Switcher]

Takes a partial screenshot.

Save all open web pages into a bookmarks folder

[CTRL] [SHIFT] and [D]
Good for research projects / quickly save webpages at the end of session for later use.


[CTRL] and [X]


[CTRL] and [C]


[CTRL] and [V]

Paste without formatting

[CTRL] [SHIFT] and [V]
Good when you are copying text from websites and you do not want to mess up your google doc/slide formatting


[CTRL] and [Z]


[CTRL] [SHIFT] and [Z]

Dock Window to Right Side or Left Side

[ALT] and [Bracket]

Looks like { or }

Good for when you want to view two web pages side by side.

Lock Screen

[Search] and [L]


[CTRL] [SHIFT] [Q] - do this twice


Refresh-Command.JPG Refresh-Command.JPG

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